Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beware of Business HIV: It's On the Rise

The less you pay, the better the deal. Right? The less time you spend, the more money you save. Right? These precepts are the foundation of a creeping business virus I call the Hidden Inefficiency Virus or Business HIV.

At its most fundamental DNA, Business HIV is the average individual’s response to too much and contradictory information. Needing to make decisions that guard profit and no longer having a grasp on the millions of pieces of data that dart in and out of their field of vision, business people have settled into a way of thinking that makes them wrong often but rarely willing to admit that they’re wrong. Doing so would require more in-depth study of data than they feel they can do. Sticking with saving money as the bottom line seems like the wisest course of action to many decision-makers.

Economic, human and social realities fly in the face of this sort of out-dated logic, however. The more time you spend investigating your own needs and the offerings of different vendors, the more money you can save – not only in the purchase but also in the long-term. The more money you spend on individuals with specific expertise, the more money you are likely to make as your operations improve.

Business HIV removes the real logic and replaces it with a sense of false scarcity and urgency. Business HIV is an emotional and intellectual disease that prevents decision-makers from seeing how off course they really are. It’s ego, comfort, fear. . . and it’s just plain illogical.

The remedy to Business HIV is a restructuring of the big picture. A realization that costs such as energy, taxes and insurance are spiraling and they’re not going to come down. Competition is more rampant than ever in the history of commerce as Third World countries replicate everything better and cheaper. A new strategy based on people creating profit through innovation is the only antidote to Business HIV.

Are you ready to move from a sick mechanical business model to a healthy organic business model? Are you ready for that shot in the arm?

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