Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Need a Profit Boost? Look to your People

We live in a world where corporate profits need a boost. Most companies need look no further than their employees for answers.

With labor and benefits costs rising, companies need to accomplish increasing outcomes without necessarily increasing their workforce.

In every company there are specific value creators which are offered to customers. As I have written before, these value creators should most definitely be understood and expressed in terms of the realized benefit received by customers.

I refer to these as outcomes. In every company, there are specific activities that the employees in these companies do that clearly impact the delivery of these outcomes to customers. These activities contribute to and create the actual value delivered, the outcomes.

In an environment where there is a decreasing number of available skilled workers necessary to make the appropriate contributions to achieve customer outcomes, there will necessarily be increasing competition for those individuals, thus much greater opportunity of choice for those individuals for employing their strengths in the marketplace.

We have discussed that to find, and to keep good employees in that market, companies will have to offer a whole lot more than money, security, and likeability. They will have to offer an opportunity that brings with it the real potential for self actualization for the employee. The company will have to have a vision to accomplish something deemed by the employee to be significant, at least worthy of his/her investment of his life energy as part of that self actualization.

This vision, in combination with the strengths, aspirations, and passions of individual workers, creates an infinite number of possibilities. It will be dynamic, as the market is dynamic, customers are dynamic, and the workers tasked with its delivery will be dynamic. This provides the foundational strength of the organic model over the mechanical.
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