Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Thinking Democrat Rejects Party Policies: Rothschild Rejects Obama

Democrat and former Hillary supporter, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, rejected Barack Obama, the class warfare elitist, to offer sincere support for John McCain. Her intelligent and well explained decision turned heads.

One of those heads belonged to none less than CNN's Campbell Brown. Brown determined to take Rothschild to task. In an exercize of utter futility, Brown used her "unbiased" news reporter platform in attempt to confound Rothschild's impeccable logic.

Watch how Campbell herself can only resort to ad hominem attacks, using the labels like "bitter" in effort to support her obvious disdain for Lady Rothschild's conclusions that Barack Obama, and current democrat political posers, attempt to foster class warfare in America. This is their only hope to remain electable.

The piece is titled, "Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild gets schooled on CNN" but this title is just another example of pure political posturing. Watch this piece yourself and you'll see that it was actually Brown who "got schooled."

As I have written, and Lady Rothschild has supported in this interview, there can be no benefit to the American Ideal or prosperity to be gained dividing social and economic classes.

In my post from Sunday October 5, 2008, Capitalism's Potential for Income Inequality: Scourge or Benefit, I wrote about the problem Obama and Campbell believe Democrat policies will improve, that is the problem of increasing income inequality.

You can see that elitism and class warfare as practiced by Obama and Democrats are actually the forces that feed the very problem they "claim" they want to address. This is pure myth because they have no intention of producing a solution. By improving the incomes of their "so called" lower class effectively, they would erode the very voting block they depend on to hold on to the power they really want.

Recognizing individual productivity and the delivery of value as the key to improved income will eliminate the "need" for government programs to protect underproductive and potentially unnecessary workers. It would foster a productivity revolution which would undermine the income redistribution principles upon which Democrat platforms are founded.

Democrats themselves would be forced to resort to productive ideas and policies. Their productive constituency would require it.

Sounds like a timely idea.

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